Top 10 Christmas Destinations to Turn Your New Year Successful

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Top 10 Christmas Destinations will help you as a guide. This article aims to expose about best places around the world for Christmas vacation.

You can learn, where to go in this holiday season. I have found the best place where you can visit with your family. I think you have already planned your tour. Wish you come back home healthy. Happy Merry Christmas.

Discoverable in a short brief.

  • The top 10 Christmas destinations are discovered.
  • You can find the important information about each destination if dig out.
  • A short travel guide is included.
  • Surely get some impressive photographs.

The celebration countdown starts. Coming up Christmas is knocking at the door. The top 10 Christmas destinations are almost ready to welcome you. Are you ready to participate in the festival celebration? Dress up all around. The surroundings are decorated with a spectrum of lights and colors.

When December comes, we start planning and preparing. Have you thought about how to spend the Christmas holiday 2022? If you don’t think I can tell you where to go, what to do? Do you want to know what is happening this year? Let’s have a look.

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Although Christmas is a religious festival of Christians, but no country is behind. Besides America and Canada, Christmas holidays are celebrated with grandeur in many countries. Especially in Disney World arrange lots of events.

Due to the holiday, huge options are open to travel with family. Yet everyone wants to keep memorable this most enjoyable time of the year. Do you Want to celebrate with enthusiasm with loved ones?

Another hand, Christmas will be over soon, and the New Year will be ringing.
So, where to travel with family? I will tell you the details of the top 10 Christmas destinations to visit with family. You must know what is happening on Christmas Day 2022.

Top 10 Christmas Destinations Around the World


Christmas Vacation in Park City, UT, USA

Park City is a snowy city in winter in the mountainous state of Utah, USA. This western state is in the east of Salt Lake City. The city is like a heaven for tourists to travel.

Park City is busy with tourists always. Resorts, valleys, and breathtaking natural beauty are the most visited in the city. Park City is one of the Top 10 Christmas destinations. Especially tourists who travel in winter can enjoy the time.

Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort are famous for their extensive ski slopes.

Park City is also home to the Olympic Park where the 2002 Winter Olympics was held. Currently, the Olympic Park is now using for training.

Park City is unique from other locations. Easy accessibility and great amenities of the city make it perfect for a Christmas getaway. Also, the city is the safest and preferred place to travel with family.

What to do in Park City at Christmas?

Park City is a travel paradise in Utah, USA. You can do many things here. But you have to decide what you want. I can make a list for you. Do what you like to do according to that list.

horse-drawn sleigh
Horse-Drawn Sleigh (photo:

Although you can visit Park City all year round, the benefits of visiting in winter are awesome. In winter the facilities are a little more. Christmas celebrations from early December add a unique dimension to Park City traveling. That’s why Park City is a popular spot among the top 10 Christmas destinations.

Deer Valley
Deer Valley

Top Place to Visit Park City 2022

  • Ski Resort, Park City Mountain
  • Deer Valley Resort
  • Olympic athletes
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Fat biking

Why the Park City is the best to visit on Christmas vacation?

Park City has many opportunities for travelers. Hotels, restaurants, free shuttle, and more facilities are available during the holiday season. You can keep the city in your top 10 Christmas destinations. It’s a cozy place to visit with family. Let’s know what the specialty of Park City, Utah is.

Nearby Airport

Park City is much closer to Salt Lake International Airport. It’s only 35 minutes to get to the city. You may grab a shuttle to reach out.

Free Shuttle

The Christmas holiday season starts in winter. Simultaneously winter is the right time to visit Park City. So you do not rent a car. Park City freezes in winter. Also, a car will not use when snowboarding on the mountain slopes.

So there are shuttles to move around the free city tour. The free shuttle may be your most important vehicle. Also, it greatly benefits you as a tourist.

Available Lodging

Park City is one of the top 10 Christmas destinations because, besides all facilities, lots of lodging is available here. You can find the exact hotel, motel, or lodge you are hunting. Hotels in the city must suit every travel style and budget.

Christmas 2022 events in the Park City

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Where to Travel in Iceland at Christmas 2022?

Do you want to change your life in winter? Yes, then Christmas is the perfect occasion. It is not a bad idea to plan an outing during the holidays to relieve the fatigue of the year. Iceland is one of the top 10 Christmas destinations on my list.

Where are you going for Christmas this year? Where should you go to celebrate Christmas? Let’s go to Iceland and explore the winter festival. Iceland has some of the most romantic places to travel with the family.

top 10 Christmas destinations
Top 10 Christmas Destinations (photo:

Let’s explore the best places to travel in Iceland at Christmas 2022. Are you hunting snowy mountains, hot pools, Christmas markets, and more destinations? Iceland is for you. Book your flight ticket. Your journey starts now.

Popular Travel Destinations in Iceland at Christmas this Year?

We know Christmas starts in mid-winter. Iceland dresses up extraordinarily in winter. Winter is the best time to visit Iceland.

So it may be the top place on your list to travel during vacation. There are many holiday destinations all around Iceland. You may search through Google and find a long list.

You may be confused about targeting the best places to enjoy the vacation. No worry! I am here to help you.

I have short-listed the most amazing places you may visit with your family. Also, some romantic spots are 100% attractive around the year. Check the list & let’s go.

Christmas Destination Iceland (Photo: pxfuel)

First, you need to know about the Christmas celebration in Iceland. The tradition of Christmas celebrations is different from any other country. I think you must enjoy your holidays because you will experience something new.

Icelanders start their celebration on the 23rd. Giving books & clothes on this occasion to friends & family is a tradition in Iceland. It’s just like any other part of Europe. They start their celebration with a grand dinner. Following Cyber Monday stores are also busy until the celebration started.

Northern Light in Iceland

Northern light is an astronomical phenomenon in Iceland. It is also known as polar lights. If you never visit Iceland, you cannot just imagine the scenario of the night sky. It’s not only dreamy but also a blessing of God. Have you never seen an aurora? Definitely, Iceland has to be one of the top 10 Christmas destinations on your list.

The scientific name of the northern lights is aurora borealis. Icelanders often called it aurora (Aurora Polaris). The light reflection over the clouds makes a colorful illusion in the sky. It looks like a color sheet on Akshay’s chest.

Aurora Borealis (Photo: Unsplash)

Aurora or Northern Lights originate from the Sun’s surface. A combination of sunlight and gas clouds in space generates the colorful aurora. It takes about 2-3 days to become visible from Earth. You can keep the spot on your top 10 Christmas destinations.

Top 5 Christmas Destinations in Iceland

01 | Reykjavik

Reykjavik (photo: unsplash)

Reykjavik is the largest & beautiful city in Iceland. Once Reykjavik was a village of fishermen. In 1786, Reykjavik was an administrative province of the country. In 1918 it became the capital of Iceland.

Reykjavik night (photo: unsplash)

Now the city is most important. Reykjavik is not only the capital but also the most important fishing port of Iceland is here. The beauty of Reykjavik is indescribable. For couples, Reykjavik is the best place to spend a Christmas vacation.

02 | Siglufjorour

Siglufjorour (photo: Unsplash)

Siglufjorour is a tiny village in northern Iceland. This village is small but very interesting. This village is on the northern side of the country, so you can enjoy the midnight sun here. Travel with family and loved ones to enjoy the dreamy place.

Hiking group
Hiking (Photo: Unsplash)

Siglufjorour is full of historical memory and culture. Hiking trails & forests always attract travelers from around the world.

03 | Akureyri

Akureyri (photo:

Akureyri is called the capital of northern Iceland. The city of Akureyri is the fourth-largest municipality in the country. Let’s stay there to spend your Christmas vacation. I believe you will get lost in paradise on a trip to Akureyri.

04 | Husavik

Husavik (photo: Unsplash)

Husavik is the ancient settlement of Iceland. Peoples here live on fishing & dairy-firming. This old city is on the bank of Skjalfandi bay in northern Iceland. The Fishing and impeccable beauty of the town is the main attraction of Husavik.

05 | Mosfellsbaer

Mosfellsbaer (photo: Unsplash)

Mosfellsbaer is the greenest city in Iceland. It is in the southwest of the country. The capital city Reykjavík lies 12 kilometers west of Mosfellsbaer. Mosfellsbaer is naturally very beautiful.


Boston: A Wonderland for Christmas Vacation

Boston is one of the top 10 Christmas destinations on my list. Do you ever visit Boston in winter? How looks Boston in winter? I am sure, you feel very cold. Also, you experienced some snowstorms. Exactly, you are not used to cold weather.

Christmas in Boston
Christmas in Boston (photo: Unsplash)

Boston looks very nice in two different seasons. Spring is a very romantic & colorful time in the state. Winter is the coldest time in Boston. Other hand Boston puts on snow clothes in winter. But Christmas never comes in spring or summer.

Outdoor weather may be very cold in Boston but the Christmas celebration is on indoors. The market, museum, library, and party center all are open & in a mood of celebration. But why not visit Boston on Christmas because it’s cold? You should keep Boston on the top 10 Christmas destinations list.

Boston in December weather

Do you want to spend your Christmas holidays in Boston? You may spend. But some important information about Boston in December you must know. The weather in Boston in December is extremely cold & windy. Mainly January to March is very cold and Boston receives some snowstorms.

Boston Winter
Boston Winter (Photo: Unsplash)

The temperature in Boston during winter is -50 to 30. You must use a heavy dress-up. Never think winter will cut with only a jacket in Boston. Put on waterproof boots, a heavy winter coat & gloves. It is better not to keep children at this time to avoid risk.

Things to do in Boston during Christmas

Boston is a bit snowier in the winter. But no other place in Northeast America has the magical look of Boston at Christmas. During Christmas Boston is decorated partly by people and the rest by nature.

Christmas & New Year in the United States are always awesome. But in Boston, both celebrations happen in winter. Let’s know what to do in Boston at Christmas.

Join the Faneuil Hall tree lighting

Christmas tree lighting is a very common event on Christmas celebrations. But some lightings are very traditional & charming. Boston’s Faneuil hall is one of them. This is the iconic celebration in Boston that starts in early December.

Faneuil Hall
Faneuil Hall Lighting (Photo: Boston Magazine)

People gather in the tiny cobblestone streets around Quincy Market to observe the Christmas tree. Interested people are never afraid of cold & snowy weather. Remember, the event is very crowded. If you want to reach closer to the tree then, try to go earlier.

Besides the tree lighting, there are other important places you can visit in Boston during Christmas 2022.

  • Visit Quincy Market
  • Visit the stone zoo with kids
  • Enjoy ice skating at City Hall Plaza

Christmas 2022 in Texas

Texas is also one of the top 10 Christmas destinations in the United States (US). There are many opportunities to celebrate Christmas in Texas.

Wondering where to go for Christmas? You can enjoy Christmas a little more in Texas than in most other states. How to enjoy Christmas in Texas?

Grapevine (Photo: Robbiecaponetto)

Your list of top 10 Christmas destinations would be incomplete without the Grapevine. Grapevine is called the Christmas capital of Texas. Millions of lights and thousands of events dazzle tourists every year. Christmas 2022 is no exception.

Arboretum (Photo:

Christmas in Dallas is full of events & entertainment. Arboretum & Botanical Garden is the most visited place in Dallas. On different occasions, both places decorate highly delightful. Christmas lighting is just awesome. You should visit.

Another popular place for Christmas lighting is Frisco. Coming here you will feel as if you are drifting in the stream of light. So you can visit Frisco for Christmas lighting with kids and family. Frisco is not far from downtown Dallas, just a 30-minute drive.


Where to travel during Christmas in Pennsylvania

Hershey Park, Pennsylvania

Hershey Park is one of Pennsylvania’s top Christmas holiday destinations. Do you live in Pennsylvania? However, you may live outside of Pennsylvania. Wherever you are, Hershey Park is sure to surprise you at Christmas. You may keep this location on your top 10 Christmas destinations.

Hershey Park
Hershey Park (Photo:

Hershey Park is a very popular travel destination for visitors at any time of the year. Its popularity increases manifold during the festival.

Hershey Park turns into a dream world for tourists and local visitors. Especially during Christmas in November-December, the park decorates most delightfully.

What is not here during Christmas? Hershey’s 4 million lights lit up the Pennsylvania sky. So many decorations together will never find in many holiday centers. At Hershey Park, you can see hundreds of different decorations at the same time.

More than 50 families can use the rides and coasters together in this park. I strongly put Hershey Park as a top 10 Christmas destination on your travel list.


Christmas Holidays Travel in Finnish Lapland

If you want to visit Finland at least once a year, then Lapland should be your best choice. Generally, you will enjoy traveling to Finland at any time of the year. But in winter, Lapland dresses up differently for the Christmas festival.

This winter Lapland should definitely be on your list of top 10 Christmas destinations for family outings. You will not only be impressed by the magical beauty of Lapland but also find peace for the New Year.

Lapland (Photo: Unsplash)

Where to go on a Christmas trip to Lapland?

There are many places to visit in Lapland at Christmas. Tourists are flocking to these places throughout the year. Although crowded throughout the year, Lapland’s decorations are gorgeous at Christmas. Moreover, Lapland has become a paradise for tourists with its snow-white beauty.


Rovaniemi is the capital of Christmas in Lapland. The official day of the Christmas celebration is December 25, but Rovaniemi has a Christmas spirit every day of the year. Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus. So, keep the city in your top 10 Christmas destinations.

Christmas cheer can be enjoyed every day at the Arctic Circle in Santa Claus Village. Submit your postcard in advance at the Santa Claus main post office. Santa’s reindeer will send gifts to your children on Christmas Eve. Eve. So, head out a couple of days early with your family to celebrate Christmas in Lapland.

Arctic Circle
Arctic Circle (Photo: Unsplash)

Best place in Lapland for Christmas?

No matter where you travel in Lapland, there are some places you must visit. These places will make your Christmas incomplete. So here is a list of some amazing places in Lapland for you.

  • Santa Claus Village
  • Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park
  • Icebreaker Sampo
  • Santa Park
  • Ranua Zoo
  • Santa Claus Office
  • Saariselka
  • Rovaniemi Church
  • Dog Sledding Park
  • Lake Inari

Strasbourg’s Christmas Market

Do you want to spend the Christmas holiday with a lot of fun? Looking for the best place to celebrate a magical Christmas? I will tell you that news. Strasbourg is waiting for you with the biggest surprise of Christmas.

Strasbourg Christmas Market (Photo:

Welcome to Strasbourg. Strasbourg is France’s oldest Christmas market. Strasbourg is considered the real Christmas capital because of its oldest traditions. Since 1570, the Christmas traditions of Strasbourg have been carefully preserved by Europeans.

Keep Strasbourg on your list of top 10 Christmas destinations for Christmas travel. This year, the shopping period is from November 21 to December 23.

street stall
Street Stall, Strasbourg (Photo:

About 2 million people visit Strasbourg on holiday every year. The number of tourists is increasing every year. Every year the Strasbourg market is packed with Christmas shopping. Christmas in Strasbourg means no shopping mall.

Christmas markets gather at scheduled times throughout the city center. Stalls are sites focusing on the Cathedral Square in the heart of the city. Children’s toys are also available in the stalls along with a variety of food stalls. Christmas and New Year holidays can be spent here.


Bondi Beach, Sydney

This time Australia is on the list of top 10 Christmas destinations. Bondi Beach in Australia is a unique destination for tourists. Surprised? You might think that Bondi Beach is the most popular beach for summer.

Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach (Photo: Daily Mail)

Absolutely right. Although Bondi is a top choice for summer, demand for this beach does not diminish at Christmas. Do you know why Bondi Beach is in high demand even at Christmas?

A kilometer-long beach that is perfect for surfing. The waves at Bondi Beach are world-class which makes surfing here the most enjoyable.



Yorkshire is a very popular center for Christmas celebrations. What to do at Christmas in Yorkshire? You don’t have to think about that at all. I will give you so many ideas, you will get lost in the joy of the festival.

Have you put Yorkshire on your list of top 10 Christmas destinations? If not, close your eyes and add it to your top ten travel list right now.

Yorkshire (Photo: vorderstrasse)

There are plenty of Christmas event opportunities in Yorkshire that you can do. I will give you the top 30 event ideas most of which you will like very much. Let’s go to Yorkshire to celebrate Christmas.

  1. Stockeld Park: Take part in adventures and prizes at Stockeld Park. Stockeld Park’s Christmas event will remain from 19 November to 4 January 2023 for Christmas 2022. The least cost per person will be £15.
  2. Alistair Griffin: Do you know about Alistair Griffin? Alistair Griffin is an annual concert in Yorkshire held every year at Christmas. It is a very popular event at Christmas. This popular concert is held around Le Belfry Church at Christmas.
  3. Santa’s Grotto: Children will be delighted to visit Santa’s Grotto. Don’t forget the single of course. Be sure to inquire about this before traveling and buy tickets in advance.
  4. Roundhay Park: If you want to capture a memorable moment in life, you must visit Roundhay Park. The lighting designed by artists of international standards will amaze you.

    Most amazing events are briefed above. The rest of the events are listed below
  5. Castle Howard
  6. Lotherton Hall Experience
  7. Magic Hatter’s Christmas Cracker
  8. Mother Shipton’s
  9. Scarborough Sparkle
  10. The Polar Express™ Train Ride
  11. Santa Experience
  12. Pickering and Grosmont (Moors Railway)
  13. Castle Museum
  14. Winter Wonderland
  15. Piece Hall in Halifax
  16. Murton Park
  17. Santa’s Sweet Adventure
  18. Raby Castle
  19. Beningbrough Hall
  20. Let Loose!
  21. William’s Den
  22. Lightwater Valley
  23. Burton Agnes Hall
  24. Christmas Fair
  25. Piglets Adventure Farm
  26. Harewood House
  27. Harlow Carr, Harrogate
  28. Robin Hoods Bay
  29. Treasurer’s House
  30. Barley Hall

Christmas market, Manchester

It is very old. The Christmas market in Manchester is not about today. Today the market is very crowded but Manchester carries the memory of 24 years of Christmas. That’s why Manchester’s Christmas market is so important.

Manchester Christmas Market
Manchester Christmas Market (Photo:

You must know in advance where the Christmas markets are located in Manchester. I can certainly give you the address. 100% guarantee, you can spend your time enjoying.

I hope you don’t forget to keep the Market on your list of top 10 Christmas destinations. So let’s have a look at where the Manchester Christmas market is.

  • Winter Gardens
  • St Ann’s Square and Exchange Street
  • Market Street
  • King Street
  • New Cathedral Street
  • Exchange Square
  • The Corn Exchange Cathedral Gardens

The top 10 Christmas destinations are here. If you like any place, don’t forget to comment. Do you want to recommend me any new places? But of course, you are welcome. Write in the comments about any new places you have discovered.

See you again in a new post with more information about new places to visit on holidays. Until then stay connected on our social media sites.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best place to visit on Christmas 2022?

Sorry, It’s impossible for anybody to ensure the only best place. The best place to travel at Christmas depends on who wants to travel. Also, it depends on where to travel. So you have to choose what is the best place for you.

Where can Northern Light be seen?

Aurora Polaris or Northern Lights can be seen in North and South Pole countries. Iceland is one such country in Europe. That’s why the Northern Lights can be seen in Iceland.

When are the Northern Lights seen?

The Northern Lights are usually visible at certain times. The Northern Lights are visible every day from late afternoon to late afternoon. But the sky must be clear and cloudless. It is more visible in dark skies.

When is the best time to see northern light in Iceland?

Late August to mid-April is the best time to see the northern lights in Iceland. Especially in the late autumn, the sky is very clear & this is the best time.

The rest of the year sky is not clear always so then August-April is the best time. You may visit Iceland at Christmas with your family & loved ones. I can guarantee that you can spend the most romantic time here.

Why Faneuil Hall tree lighting is very popular?

Faneuil Hall Tree Lighting is very popular because this is a traditional event. The most important reason is its entertainment. The event is so popular because there are tons of fun performances by local brands and comedians.

Why Dallas is famous at Christmas?

Dallas is the most popular place in Texas at Christmas because of the huge lighting. Natural beauty and Christmas decorations look like a dream. That’s why people come to the Arboretum & Botanical Garden in Dallas, Texas.

Is Hershey Park worth it during Christmas?

Yes, Hershey Park is worth it. The park is demandable all year round. During the Christmas holidays, the park is full of visitors. Hershey Park is worth because it’s capacity. The park authority can arrange its services for 50 families at a time.

Where is Lapland?

Lapland is a region, not a park, city, or country. Lapland is not a single country or part of a country. This region is spread like a net across several countries. The countries are Finland, northern Sweden, Norway, and parts of Russia. However, almost one-third of Finland’s area is included in Lapland. Hence the part of Finland is called Finnish Lapland.

Why is Bondi Beach so popular?

Bondi Beach is very popular with tourists for many reasons. Notable factors are:
1. Long Beach.
2. Surfing.
3. World-class accommodation.
4. Short Film Festival.
5. Swimming club.
6. Open all year round.

Where is the original Christmas market in Manchester?

Piccadilly Gardens is Manchester’s main Christmas market. Today, stalls are set up on various roads but Piccadilly is the main one. Piccadilly Gardens has witnessed 24 years of history.