Things to know about Ratargul travel

To go to Ratargul must first reach Sylhet city. The journey will start from there.

No Ratargul accommodation. So the thought of staying here should be excluded from the tour plan. However, if you want to stay in the temple, you can ask for permission from the Bit Office.

There have no good restaurants. So don't worry if you travel there. You can keep dry food with you if needed.

Don't go to Ratargul if you are afraid of boating. Since Ratargul is a wetland, boats are the main means of transport.

Don't spoil the environment of the forest by littering the water inside the forest. This can disrupt the balance of biodiversity.

It may take a couple of hours to travel to Ratargul. Don't plan the whole day by mistake. It can be boring. If necessary, you can plan to go from Ratargul to Jaflong or Ratargul to Bholaganj.

Ratargul may contain leeches. Avoid going into the water unless you are very brave.

You must negotiate the fare of all transport including CNG, rickshaw, trawler, and dinghy in advance.