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Cog Stock, An Unlimited Stock Of Digital Products.

Remote Cog Is Your Trusted Virtual Assistant

What is the best Digital E-commerce site? Remote Cog. Cog stocks are getting ready for honorable customers. Remote Cog will be your trusted virtual assistant, where almost all kinds of digital products will stock for sale. After a certain period, we also showcase some free products. Cog team will come back soon with a lot of stocks.

How Start The Cog's Journey?

Remote Cog is a Bangladeshi freelance platform. Start our journey with a dream of an unbounded destination. Although this journey starts from Bangladesh, Remote Cog aims to accompany creative freelancers from around the globe. Mr. Sarwar Alam dreamed of an international standard freelance marketplace in Bangladesh. We know Bangladesh is second in the world in outsourcing. About 650,000 freelancers are already living on depending freelance outsourcing.

Sarwar Alam
Sarwar Alam, Founder of Remote Cog / photo: newsnow24

Sarwar Alam involved in journalism since his student days. He was engaged in the role of freelance service holder during his long career as a journalist. Worked with a reputation for multi-dimensional skills. He is a newsroom editor, graphic designer, web developer, SEO expert, video editor and instrumentalist all in one. He also has many other qualities. Leaving a 16-year career in journalism, he suddenly felt the need to do something better. Along with his career, he was also associated with various freelance platforms. So he started his journey with the dream of Remote Cog as his own initiative.

Cog Meaning

Do you know about the cog’s meaning? Maybe not. In maximum cases, people know little about cog. It’s very simple and you will be strange to know that cog means person. A person who has to take part in a big success. A cog is a person who is a part of success. Remote Cog is a dedicated website where you can hire a talented cog.

Cog's Vision

The world is moving forward day by day. Time is becoming technology dependent. This is how we are living in the modern age today by tearing down the fences of the primitive age. Time will improve in line with people’s needs. This initiative of Remote Cog is about the compatibility of people’s lifestyles. As we depend on the internet, the journey of Remote Cog is to make our life as easy as possible. Any physical services, such as daily needs, are now available online. Although, the online market for digital products is increasing daily. Remote Cog is committed to selling all those digital products at low cost. It will also provide remote cog services. This platform is not for anyone alone. A time will be opened for consumers and cogs. We can ensure high-quality cog stocks.

Cog's Mission

Remote Cog is currently developing digital products. We will include virtual cogs later when the cog stock will be available. Now our FAQ option is open for clear navigation. Also, we are trying to answer customers’ queries via social media, FAQ, and forum pages.

Cog's Product & Services

graphics design

Graphics Design

writing article

Writing Article

Photo Editing

Photo Editing

Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design

Cog Team

Remote Cog has a skilled workforce. Regardless of their numbers, cogs are very competent in their respective positions. Everyone on the team is a remote cog. When the cog journey starts in full form, we will change our work format. At that time, we also start our manpower recruitment process officially. We are not taking any custom orders right now but will accept them very soon. Though we are unable to accept custom for a while but have a good news! Cog team provides 24/7 customer support. The cog team will try to reply to customers immediately if they contact our helpline. To know about the cog team in detail, go to our Cog Policy page.

cog team

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