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Career for beginners are available in Remote Cog. Remote Cog will recruit the workforce to run the business smoothly. Creative youth and the unemployed will be given more priority in the recruitment scheme. But skilled personnel will be the most important to us. We will give the highest priority to those who are most active on our social media according to their score. Even if social media activists lack skills, Remote Cog will train them.

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People who are active on Remote Cog's social media will be prioritized in Remote Cog recruitment.

What is Our Recruitment Process?

Remote cogs will recruit a freelancer in several processes. We have our staff who are always ready for our regular customers and subscribers. Also, Remote Cog will have a talent community from which skilled freelancers will be hired on a contractual basis. The contractual recruitment process is open to all, but preference will be given to those who are most active on our social handles. Remote Cog selects staff from this gateway too. This selection process is as like a general recruitment process.

What is Our General Recruitment Process?

The general recruitment process of Remote Cog is the same as any other organization. At first we shortlist the applicants and then call for interview of eligible candidates from among the short-listed candidates. At the end of the interview, we select the eligible candidates by testing their skills.

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