Terms of Service

Last Update: 23 September 2022

Greetings from Remote Cog! Remote cog is a digital marketplace where you can buy almost all kinds of digital products. Again, Remote Cog is a freelance workspace where multinational freelancers can work. The following terms and conditions apply to your use of Remote Cog, whether you are a buyer or a freelancer.

These Terms of Service apply to almost all products and services. However, when new products, services, or offers will be included, new terms of use will also be changed. Remote Cog Authority reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time if necessary.


Remote Cog is committed to providing the most privacy to customers and clients. It is our ethical responsibility to protect the privacy of customers as per policy. See Privacy Policy for details.


All products published on Remote Cog are the property of Remote Cog. Website design, graphics, images, animations, video, audio clips, and trademarks are intellectual property. Any use or copying of these properties by theft, in whole or in part, will be considered punishable by law. When Remote Cog is declared open officially, everything will be subjected to Bangladesh state laws. So then the cog authority can take legal action if you use anything without permission


After 20 years, anyone can open an account to purchase remote cog’s products. Nationality and age proof documents must be submitted to open the account. In the case of kids & children, a legal guardian is required to open the account. As a valid applicant, the parents have to submit his/her legal documents.


To download Remote Cog’s digital product, at first ensure the payment. The sales team will activate the download option immediately after confirming the payment. General customers can download their purchased products for up to 30 days. Additional charges apply to modify products purchased by general customers. Those who purchase the offer or package will enjoy all the benefits mentioned in the package, but the download time will be relaxed. Duration of Student package is 30 days, Standard 45 days, Premium 90 days and for Agency 6 months. If the download is delayed or any technical error encounter on site, files will be sent by other means upon customer’s request.

Virtual Assistant Service

You must have an account to receive virtual assistance services from Remote Cog. You can use our service through your account login. Our core team will contact you after receiving your request. Once your order is confirmed, Remote Cog will assign your work to a freelancer. If you don’t like a freelancer, we will give you an option to choose a suitable freelance cog if you want. It is punishable by law to offer work in person by luring a freelancer. For illegal activities like to work outside then we will take legal action against both. We will blacklist unscrupulous freelancers and customers. Remote cog publishes their profiles on-site, so that other marketplaces are aware of you.

We can give bonuses and gifts at the end of the year to our regular and very valuable customers. It is only them who will take virtual assistance services from us. If you are not satisfied with our service, you can complain. Based on your complaint, Remote Cog will take action and complete your work. However, you must not complain about any work other than as described in the order form. The price of the service will be negotiable according to the service.


To purchase any product or service of Remote Cog, first complete the billing process. Complete your payment through the specified payment method on the site. The order will be accepted only after the payment of the bill along with the order confirmation. As a customer, your download option will be enabled after confirmation of payment. When the sales team activates the download option, you will get access. After verifying the payment, we also notify you. Your work order will be accepted when the payment process will be done.

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