Cog Policy (Updated on May 17, 2023)

Cog policy is only for remotely involved cogs of this platform. First of all you need to know who is a cog. A cog is a person who is working with us as a worker, freelancer & contributor. This policy act as a law for our cog. It helps them to carry on with us honestly. We also declare updates about cog policy time to time in page. As a cog you should follow the updates to keep your connection with us very strong, transperant & honestly. 

Cog Registration

Cog registration is the process how as a cog you can engage with us. To be a registered cog you have to provide valid & true information about you. Remote Cog will verify your existance & identity. If you fail in varification process we will reject you. 

Why Would You be Considered Qualified?

  • If you have valid identity (e.g. National Identity, Passport etc.).
  • You have a valid email address.
  • Minimum 30 hrs. active on site.
  • Must active on our social media.
  • You have to invite at least 5 friends to join us.
  • Good knowledge in English.
  • Excellent skill on at least any one category. 

Why Will We May Reject You

  • If you fail to verify your email.
  • When you can’t provide any valid identification or if it is found fake.
  • You need excellent skill on any field. For a bad quality of skill we may reject your request. 
  • If you voilate any of our policy.
  • You must response very smoothly & on time. Lazy response is caused for rejection.