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This page is about digital pricing of Remote Cog. Remote Cog is the largest digital product based e-commerce platform in Bangladesh. We provide digital services & sale downloadable digital product. You can find our subscription fees & training courses price. 

Digital Pricing

Do you know what Remote Cog is? Remote Cog is a digital e-commerce platform. So, our payment must be in a digital way. Currently, the use of digital payments is increasing rapidly all over the world. We provide digital products and various digital services. Our digital pricing refers to the price of digital products and services. Also, we provide virtual training on different courses. So the Course fee also discloses here.

Price Variation

Remote Cog has a three-tier price list. Each level has different facilities. Variations of prices are for considering the convenience of varying levels of customers. We have seen multiple groups of customers in the marketplace. The price variation will be effective at three levels.

1. Normal price

The normal price is the universal price of any digital product or service. Such pricing will be applicable to all general customers of RemoteCog’s Digital Marketplace. Normal price will mention with the product or service.

2. Subscriber Price

The subscriber price is the fixed price for subscribers. The subscriber price is comparatively much lower than the normal price. Subscribers to RemoteCog will receive all benefits as per their subscription terms.

You will get discounts on the purchase of digital products or services. Discounts are specified in their terms. Subscription fees are also included in the price list. Remote Cog has four types of subscription facilities. These are Student, Standard, Premium, and Agency.

3. Custom Price

Many customers like to order as per their needs. Who will order custom requirements will consider as a custom order. Normal prices are like a package offer.

But when customer order as per their requirements then it will be a custom order. For custom orders, the cog team will design/create custom products. So custom order prices may or may not match any other price variations.


Learn more about Remote Cog’s digital product price you may ask above. Alternatively you also look out FAQ page for related coverages. 

Prices For Digital Products



10% Discount 

Valid Up to 30 days 

Customization $10

Edits deliver 72h

No revision

No Private Chat



20% Discount

Duration 30 days 

Customization $8

Edits deliver 48h

No revision

No Private Chat



30% Discount

Duration 30 days 

Customization $8

Edits deliver 48h

Edit revision 1 time

Private chat 



50% Discount

Duration 90 days 

Customization $5

Edits deliver 24h

Edits revision 2

Private chat

What is The Pricing of Digital Products and Services?

Pricing digital products is a process. Digital product pricing is the process by which the price of a digital product is determined.

In general, the pricing of digital products is nothing more than physical products. Yet, there are many facts in the digital products pricing method.

Once we produce a physical product, we can sell it only once. Once a digital product is created, it can be sold many times. So pricing plan depends on many parameters.

How does Remote Cog determine the price of digital downloads?

Remote Cog puts customer convenience first. Since the customer is the lifeblood of the business, customer benefit comes first. That is why Remote Cog conducts research activities to determine the price of digital downloads.

Through customer research, we can learn about their experiences. Day by day digital products market is becoming popular. Remote Cog is a digital product marketplace.

We want to sell high-quality digital products at the lowest prices. So, customer research is a must to understand customer intentions.

About 380 new websites are created every minute. Many websites sell digital products. Where to buy digital products as a buyer? Do you know who sells digital products at low prices?

Most of us buy products online in a hurry. Many things we accidentally skip. So there are many facts that remain hidden behind customers getting digital downloads at best prices.

There is a lot of competition in digital marketplaces. So new websites offer cheap products to get rich overnight. Most of the new sites do not have good quality of digital downloads and services.

Usually new sites have no brand reputation. So they do whatever they want. As a result, customers get frustrated. 65% of customers claim they switch brands because of a bad experience.

On the other hand, brands or well-known websites that sell digital products cannot reduce their prices due to the improved quality of their products and services. Brand reputation can be damaged so the quality of products and services cannot be reduced.

68% of buyers are willing to buy products at higher prices if necessary. They expect better quality products and services.

So, Remote Cog considers the market conditions, customer demand, ‍customer capability, etc before pricing the digital products and services. Remote Cog is committed to providing the best products and services at the best prices.

Customer research is the primary step of our pricing strategy. Apart from customer research, we maintain cost-based pricing and value-based pricing strategies.

So we can guarantee that you can get digital downloads from us. We are now in the digital marketplace. We shall provide the best service for brand reputation.

We believe that, Remote Cog’s pricing strategy is the best pricing strategy, unique strategy. 

What is the best pricing strategy maintain Remote Cog? Remote Cog’s pricing strategy is based on some important queries. Queries are mention below:

  • Customer Research
  • Market Research
  • Cost-Based Pricing
  • Value-Based Pricing
  • Competitor Analyzing