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Help desk is one of the helpline of Remote Cog. Any problems related to the use of Remote Cog’s site will be resolved through the help desk. Our users, buyers, and freelancers have to inform us through the help desk. If they face any troubleshooting while purchasing Cog’s services & products, they can open a ticket. The user reports his issue through a ticket. Our support team will monitor it and solve the issue as soon as possible. If necessary, contact other departments to solve the issue, and the buyer, or users, will shift there.

What support does the help desk provide?

The help desk will provide 24/7 service on certain issues. Some issues are under the responsibility of other departments. ‍So the help desk can tell you to contact the concerned department for those problems. The Help Desk will provide help on:
      • Any kind of technical problem to access the site quickly.
      • A user, buyer, or freelancer can contact this section if they want to know something special. Contact the help desk to contact the virtual assistant directly. The support team will put the buyer in touch with the designated virtual assistant. Remote Cog has taken measures to prevent violations. The cog team also communicates directly with buyers to ensure the quality of work. If the buyer wants to directly contact the freelancer assigned to him, the help desk will connect them. This benefit is only available to buyers who opt for virtual assistant Services.
      • Those who have an account with Remote Cog can request to change the payment method. The help desk is responsible to change the payment method. The support team will check the account and take the necessary steps to change it.
      • Contact the help desk if you have any problems logging in.
      • We may lock your account for many incorrect login attempts. In that case, you must contact the help desk. The support team will monitor the account and take necessary action.
      • Subscribers need to contact the help desk for package updates and extensions. If everything is fine, the support team will implement it quickly.

The help desk does not help some cases

The helpline does not assist in any matter of service, shop, and training department. To know about any of these categories, contact the support of the respective category.

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