Transperancy in Everything

Payment, Services & Policies

Remote Cog is transperant in multiple way. In modern age customers are encountered by fraudulant group. That’s why we consider customer’s benefit first. We have no hidden cost in our services & product. We don’t allowed customers in our cog team. Customers can only buy product or make order. Sales team will handle buyers. In some cases buyer can contact with editors for consultation. 

Trust Building

Credibility is a very important tool for any business. We want to serve our customers, subscribers with 100% reliability. We have already provided many opportunities to customers for transparency to gain the loyalty of subscribers and customers.

On our allegation page, customers can report any technical problem, fraud or any problem accessing the site at any time. We will take action as soon as possible.


Remote Cog believes that acceptance is the biggest criterion of an honest business. We try our best to implement what we announce. Our CogShop Slogan CogShop is a one-dollar marketplace. We will not limit ourselves to announcements. 

Many of our digital products will be sold for one dollar for the convenience of customers. But in terms of service, we don’t think we can provide any service for one dollar. I can tell you in the future whether I can provide one dollar service or not. But initially the happy news for the customers is that we will sell several digital products even for one dollar.

Customer Loyalty

We know that customers are the lifeblood of business. The remote cog also believes this. So we think customer loyalty must be earned for business expansion. We can guarantee that Remote Cog is like an open book to the customer in every way.

We are ready to take all necessary steps for customer loyalty. I don’t know if any other business will provide money back guarantee on products and services, but we can. We can always give 100% money back guarantee on services. However, certain conditions must apply to the moneyback guarantee of digital products. Of course, the terms should be acceptable enough for a buyer to accept easily.