User Policy

Last Update: August 10, 2023

Users are the heart of Remote Cog. We respect them in all aspects. Users security & privacy is first priority to us. So we always will try to ensure safe search on our site. We determined some policies to keep browsing safely. Also some harful users try to hack valuable website. We also try to protect them. Cog’s user policy is declared below. 

In this policy “User” means all general users. A person who normally visits our blog or shops is a “User”. On the other hand, the one who will receive our products and services regularly i.e. who is our regular customer is a general “user”. The term “subscriber” means a person who subscribes to our email or subscribes to purchase any product or service. Also those who receive our newsletter regularly are also our subscribers. The term “customer” applies only to individuals who have purchased our products or services. He may be a short-term or long-term buyer.

Applicable to Users

  1. Normal users, however, should not use a VPN while browsing. We may temporarily or permanently block VPN users’ IPs. We prefer to avoid VPNs for website security.
  2. General users must comply with the cookies consent. Note that we have already declared GDPR and CCPA. If necessary, you can visit our privacy policy page.
  3. Remote Cog guarantees 100% security of personal information of common users. But of course, if we are ever victimized by a cyber attack, Remote Cog will not take any responsibility if the security of any user’s information is compromised. So we will delete your data if you request to delete it when necessary. However, Cog Team is always active to prevent cyber attack. Such an incident can happen in the case of any big giant company. It will just be considered an accident.
  4. Remote Cog reserves the right to take legal action against any user who deliberately or accidentally injects any malware into Remote Cog’s site or server and if proven.
  5. If any of our information, images, graphics, video, animation, audio or any kind of product is stolen and used elsewhere, it will be punishable by law. In that case, legal action will be taken against the user.