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Remote Cog is a startup virtual cog service. We are getting ready for a better service with a strong cog stock. Once we open remote cog as an official version. With announcing we also come to the press very soon.

Why Remote Cog is not in the press?

Remote Cog is a collective initiative of Bangladeshi freelancers. As our program is not yet fully launched, there is no news about our relationship in the media. Remote Cog is a digital product-based website, so, we are not making official announcements until our product development is done.

What is the Cog message?

The Cog message is very clear. We are on trial now. You can ask Remote Cog in FAQ section. We are getting ready for the best service. Remote Cog is trying to serve the best quality service on the market. We will offer our customers something better than others. Commonly we are offering right now as below listed.

  • Writing Article
  • Book Cover Design
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Graphics Design

Manny more options are waiting for the next. Stay connected with us. We will need freelancers once. Remote Cog keeps in priority the personnel who are most active on our social platforms & forum.

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Graphics Design

Writing Article

Photo Editing

Book Cover Design