payment policy

Remote Cog's Payment Policy is 100% Transperent. WeThink You Always Win The Time With Remote Cog.

Payment Policy Updated On May 18, 2023

Our payment policy is for remote cogs only. This policy applies to those who will work remotely for the remote cog and the office staff of the remote cog. This payment policy does not apply to buyers, subscribers or general users. No section or sub-section of this policy may be used by reference to any third party for any reason.

For Remote Cogs

  1. As a cog you get paid as your remuneration. You will be paid as per the assessment of your work or the amount shown in the account.
  2. Cogs will only consider their verified balance as payment.
  3. Remote Cog will distribute their payments on Friday of the week. You can receive payment if your minimum threshold is met within this period.
  4. If you meet your threshold every Friday on your designated payment method, the money will be automatically transferred to your payment gateway.
  5. We will not make payments beyond the stipulated time. But you don’t even need to make a withdrawal request to get paid on time. We will automatically issue your payment.

For Staffs

  1. Staff will get monthly salary on their respective payment method at scheduled time every month.
  2. If there is anything to be deducted from the salary as per pre-defined sector as per employment rules then the remaining amount will be paid after excluding it.
  3. Incentives will be provided as per rules for those who pay income tax regularly.
  4. In order to change the payment gateway, the cog team must be informed at least one month in advance.