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Remote Cog is a Bangladeshi digital product-based marketplace. Besides direct sales, we will create job opportunities for affiliate marketers. We promise to pay the highest commissions than any other website in Bangladesh. So join us now without delay. This is a great offer to earn from home. Take your chance now.

50% commission
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Affiliate Marketing Websites in Bangladesh

There are many e-commerce websites in Bangladesh. In a word, almost all online organizations in Bangladesh have online affiliate programs. Remote Cog is a digital product based e-commerce website. It is also has one. 

Our program is known as cog affiliate. Many e-commerce launched the program in Bangladesh. However, for the convenience of marketers, Remote Cog agrees to pay maximum commission. We will give up to 50% commission to our marketers.

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About Cog Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is a process by which marketers earn commissions by selling products or collecting leads for retailers, advertisers, or manufacturers. This marketing management involves 2-4 parties directly. The first party is the producer, the second party is the retailer or advertiser, the third party is the marketer and the fourth is the consumer. Remote Cog will engage in affiliate marketing platforms to promote its products. We engage directly or using affiliates’ network. Once we announce about the program, when Remote Cog starts the official journey.

We ‍will pay the highest commission to those who are more efficient among our affiliates. Now people mostly depend on online. The job market is very competitive. Higher educated youths are moving from door to door due to a lack of adequate employment. So Remote Cog is thinking of employing the unemployed youth. We will pay up to 50% commission to affiliates from each sale or lead. This commission will depend on the performance of the marketers.

When Will the Cog Affiliate Start?

Remote Cog is getting ready for future. Only when our cog stock is full, will we start the official journey. We are not making official announcements until we ensure an international standard of service, even if it is a little late. Remote Cog will launch the program after the official announcement. Cog’s website will remain experimental until the official announcement.

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Digital Product Marketplace in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has many physical products’ marketplace. Daraz, Ajker Deal, BD Stall etc are the most popular e-commerce websites in Bangladesh. All of them sell only physical products. Bangladesh ranks second in freelancing in the world but there is no freelancer marketplace in Bangladesh. Remote Cog is Bangladeshi’s first freelancer marketplace and digital product marketplace. Apart from Remote Cog, there are more digital product marketplaces in Bangladesh but there is no active digital product business.

Affiliate Program Stats

Which is the Highest Paying Affiliate Website in Bangladesh?

Remote Cog is the highest paying affiliate website in Bangladesh. We pay up to 50% commission as per our program policy. We are committed to pay instant commission. In Bangladesh there are many e-commerce platforms who launched the program.

In 2019, the market was estimated to exceed 17 billion USD. Experts did this because the market has grown by 300% since 2015. Currently, about 84% of merchants are expanding their business using affiliate programs. To know more about Cog Affiliate please contact our help desk or FAQ.

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