What's Your Allegation?


Allegations are allowed. Keep yours one.

Allegations For Accessing Issues

You can complain if you have problems accessing the site or logging into your account. You can complain if any option of the site is not working properly and showing an error message. Many times, our digital product marketplace may have many server-related issues encountered. Including 404 errors due to unexpected reasons which are resolved by the support team very quickly. Though you face this kind of problem again and again, then you can complain.

Product Modification

Complain about unsatisfactory service when you purchase a digital product from Remote Cog and modify that product by our Freelance Cog. Talk to the freelance cog first, complain if he fails to provide satisfactory service. We will promptly take action on your complaint.


You can complain about fraud. After receiving a product or service, if you do not receive it as per description, you can complain. Also, if someone cheats by pretending to be a remote cog ‍staff or freelancer, you can file a complaint. We will investigate if any of our staff or freelancer is involved in such fraud, then we will take action. If not, then Remote Cog will not be responsible for it.

The allegation is very important. Your allegation will help us to improve our services for all. We will take your complaint very seriously and you will get feedback from it very soon. User comfort in using Remote Cog is our major service. So don’t delay any of your complaints regarding Remote Cog. Your complaint is very valuable to us and we will give you feedback accordingly.

technical issues

Why Can't You Complain?


Sometimes it may take time to complete the payment process by the payment gateway. Remote Cog will not enable digital product downloads unless payment is completed. The work order will not be active unless payment is completed for the virtual services, too. So in such a situation, no complaint is acceptable.

Extra Service

If ‍as a buyer, you request a Remote Cog freelancer to pay for some extra service, this will be unethical. In these cases, if the freelancer refuses and you make a complaint wouldn’t be entertained. Only described demand on the work order will be countable for your modification services. Each order must have a deadline. As a buyer, if you asked the freelancer to deliver in a short time is not acceptable as a complaint. If the freelancer crosses the deadline, then you can complain.

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