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Remote Support

Remote Cog support team is standby 24/7. You are most wellcome to ask them on your any query about  our services. Our support team works on limited area of customer interest. Help desk is dedicated to cooperate you on any issues of your business. Read more about remote support below or contact help desk to get your all support. 


Who will get support on priority basis?


Affiliates will get the priority in this department. Support is specially dedicated to help them. Also all users will get help on emergency cases listed. In generally help desk is dedicated for common users. 


Person who buys our service or product package is our subscriber. They will get priority supports in this department. When their subscription will expire, they will be treated as a common user. 


Our enlisted freelancer will get priority support on their issues. Who works with us closely as an editor or creator those who are our enlisted freelancer. 

Non Civil Support team helps in any issues below

What is the Non Civil Support Team?

RemoteCog’s non civil support team is a dedicated support team for general users. Common users will get quick support if they mention the non-civil team when they want any support. If you don’t mention someone, it may take a while to get a reply. Because they will verify your request to determine which category the set is for. Later it will be transferred to the concerned. That’s why it may take some time. So mentioning the non civil team will be very easy to get an answer.

What kind of support does the Non Civilian Support Team provide?

Non civil support teams provide certain services to almost ordinary customers. Other services to common users are available from the help desk. The services provided by the Non Civil Team are:

  • Instant approval of downloader
  • Any issue related to download
  • Problems with downloaded files
  • Contact the designated freelancer
  • To know modification updates
  • To confirm payment

Affiliate Support Team

We especially designed the support section for affiliates. Affiliates must contact here to get instant support for any affiliate related issue. To know more details about any product or service support is the one-way destination. To collect commission withdrawal slips post your request. Also, affiliates can inquire about technical issues, if any. However, to contact the affiliate manager, you need to contact the affiliate department.

Subscriber Support Team

Subscribers may need to contact the support team a lot. Those who buy our digital product packages or services are our subscribers. The support team is always ready for them as they purchase the product or service. Subscribers will get instant support from the team for any help without payment. However, a single buyer can also ask their query about the purchase.

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