Product Editor Panel

Editor panel

The Product Editor panel is the chief of all creators in Remote Cog. Each department has a chief executive, who oversees all creators in the department. The editor panel is very important for subscribers. A new subscriber can turn to the editors for advice before starting a project. If you buy a package or start a project in consultation with the editors, you will get many benefits. General buyers and contract freelancers cannot contact editors except for special reasons. However, all freelancers associated with a project can contact the editors.

Advisory Editor

Advisory editor is the high command of Remote Cog. This is the honorary position of our glory. Who owns this position is the highest intellectual of our team. All decision is under his/her supervision. Adviser is reserved only for a large project consultation. Brans, agencies, groups are encouraged to consult with his/her for the best effort in services.

Start your project with the consultation of chief editor. Remote Cog always strives to provide the best customer service. We strive to make our customers 100% satisfied. If the customer is not satisfied, we are not satisfied. So you should discuss before starting the project. As a result, your costs will be reduced and it will be easier for us to serve you.

Types of Virtual Team

Remote Cog has different types of virtual team. Teams are divided as per their role. Current teams are listed below:

Our graphics team is dedicatedly serve all type of graphical job. Senior designers also sketch plan to guide new clients. We feel new clinent need suggestion about how they reduce their cost. We guide them 100% free.

Freelance article writers team are always focused on new inormation arrival. Remote Cog try to develop the article with latest information. 

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