The Ultimate Guide to Power Bank, What We Overlook

Does your phone run out of charge before the end of the day? Do you remember the weakness of the battery when you think about going somewhere?

If so, then you need a portable power bank charger that will give you the convenience of mobile charging anytime. Eliminates the worry of running out of phone charge while traveling.

Nowadays a good quality power bank charger has become an essential device for all of us. Buy it compatible with the capacity of the phone.

No matter what brand of phone you are using, an advanced power bank is an ideal solution to the backup problem.

It is a very important gadget in our daily life. We always use a mobile phone but always we can’t charge our mobile.

During these times we can use the phone as soon as we charge it by using the power bank. We have to take care of some things while using this gadget.

Let’s know some details about Power Bank.

What is A Power Bank?

It is a portable device that holds a large amount of charge through a special circuit. It also supplies power to other devices when required.

This device is named Power Bank from the banking concept. As more money can be kept in the bank, money can be withdrawn as needed.

It works similarly. It holds several times the charge of our phone at a given time. Later, when our phone is out of charge, this gadget supplies us with power. It is an alternative and portable charger.

Use of Power Bank

Power banks were not readily available at one time and the prices were relatively high. In fact, a good quality power bank is still relatively expensive to buy.

Now many brands and prices variation of this gadget are available in the market starting from a minimum of 500 BDT.

Its price depends on the quality. Similarly, the quality is related to how durable it will be. Again, even a good quality power bank lasts a short time if not used properly.

So one should be careful and aware while using this gadget. Any accidents can also happen if not used properly. Let’s know what should be followed in using it.

When To Charge A power bank?

This device should be charged only when needed. Charging the power bank whenever you want will reduce the life of it.

So only charge when the charge is finished. This results in this helpful gadget being used for a long time. Again, the battery can be damaged due to very little use.

So the power bank should be fully charged once or twice every week as per the requirement.

Charging According to Battery Capacity

This device should be charged by calculating the battery capacity of it. It should not be unplugged until the battery is fully charged.

Therefore, higher capacity power banks should be charged longer and lower capacity should be charged less time.

Do Not Use While Charging

Many times it happens that the user charges this gadget and charges the phone using it at the same time. In this situation, this awesome gadget is likely to be damaged.

If the phone is charged by the power bank while it is charging, it will overheat. Besides, if you use it like this, the gadget takes extra time to fully charge.

That puts a lot of load on its battery. So you should not use it to charge any other mobile phone while this gadget is charging.

Fast Charging Facts

If you pay attention to some small things while charging the mobile with the power bank, it is possible to charge the phone very quickly.

Turning on airplane mode while charging the mobile phone charges a bit faster. As soon as the airplane mode is turned on. Then WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular activities of the smartphone will stop.

So, the mobile from excessive battery consumption and charges quickly. Besides, if you run the phone while charging the phone, the phone gets overheated, as a result of which it takes more time to charge.

Prevent From Overcharging

Even after the power bank is fully charged, it is not right to keep it in the charging state for an additional time.

Even after being fully charged, the battery gets very hot if kept charging for an extended period of time.

As the battery heats up, it gradually loses its normal performance So the user should be careful about whether the power bank is overcharging or not.

It is observed as a very important item in our daily life. Proper use of this gadget prolongs the life of this device and it is possible to charge the mobile phone very quickly.

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