Best WordPress Themes Make Rocket Speed Your Website in 2023

You will surprise to know that some WordPress themes multiply your website performance. Google page speed is a big fact to rank in Google in 2023.

Some WordPress themes reach your core web vital score of up to 99%. This score plays a key role in ranking your post in Google in 2023.

In this post, I am going to tell you about those themes which are very helpful in boosting your website performance. No problem whatever theme you are using. You can try the themes I am talking about at least once.

Do you know what the best WordPress themes free are? There are many free themes of many authors. You can choose the best WordPress themes for business in a second. Just search on Google to find your desired theme & get it.

Also, you can choose the best WordPress themes for blogs, if you are a blogger. Free WordPress themes are available to download. As a startup blogger, you may try free WordPress themes.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) these days. Are you new to web design or blogging? Don’t know what WordPress is? No worries! Let’s get it right now.

If you have ideas about web design, this post will be very helpful to you. WordPress is a CMS that is based on themes & plugins.

What is WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is a design preset or design template. To Create a website, you need to design it first. WordPress themes are the design you choose.

You don’t need to write code for design when you use WordPress. Themes are the basic design of your site.

A theme is pre-designed, you just need to upload the content, and your website will be ready. That’s why we consider the website’s design as a theme in the case of WordPress.

Sometimes we call them templates. Themes have a lot of options that you can customize. It depends on the free & premium versions.

Let’s see what are the best WordPress themes in 2023.

What Are The Best WordPress Themes of 2023?

Every day new WordPress themes are getting into different marketplaces. Many authors are developing WordPress themes in many categories.

WordPress themes are available for different types of businesses. All themes are not similar in importance & popularity.

As per user demand themes are getting popular sometimes. But some are evergreen. All time these themes are popular with WordPress users.

Popular themes are in a higher position for best performance. Those keep their reputation for different reasons.

A theme that provides user convenience in all aspects is always popular. Let me tell you about the best WordPress theme in 2023.

Rishi Theme

Rishi Theme is one of the most powerful WordPress themes released in recent years.

Rishi theme is technically most helpful for Google ranking. Even after fulfilling all criteria, a website can’t get ranked in Google.

If the website speed is not good. Rishi theme is the theme that helps to boost your page speed score above 90.

Rishi Theme has no shortage of features that other themes have. Script Minification, Transparent Header, Header & Footer Customization, Cookies Consent, and SEO parameters are also integrated with this theme.

By customizing this theme perfectly, your website will be the fastest-loading website. The page designed in the Rishi theme takes 500 milliseconds to load. The front-end size of this theme is only 90 kilobytes.

Most importantly, you don’t need plugins to boost performance. We usually use many plugins to increase the performance of a WordPress website.

Using many plugins, you will get a better performance with any theme. But you can get similar performance without any plugins using the Rishi theme.

Rishi is the most popular theme for blogs, portfolios, educational websites, agencies, digital marketing websites, and e-commerce.

Astra Theme

One of the most popular WordPress themes is Astra. While Astra doesn’t have as many features as Rishi Theme, Astra is faster than Rishi.

This theme is 100% speed optimized for WordPress websites. The weight of this theme is much less than the Rishi theme. It is only 37 kilobytes.

The website designed in Astra theme loads as soon as clicked. Fast loading, multiple menus, transparent header, header & footer customization are the most attractive features of this theme.

The significant advantage of the Astra theme is that it loads in less time than other themes. As a result, your visitors will not get bored. The bounce rate will be lower than your competitor’s website.

Astra has many page layouts. You can create aesthetic websites instantly using them. But the only downside of this theme is that Astra is much more expensive than Rishi Theme. Both Rishi & Astra may be the best WordPress themes in your choice list.

OceanWP Theme

OceanWP is a universal theme for WordPress. You can create any website using this theme. OceanWP is most user-friendly than other themes. Ocean WP theme also has a large number of customization options.

You can design a different header for each page using this theme. Add and remove sidebars on any page or a specific post. There is hardly any theme that offers all the options together. So, I prefer the OceanWP theme.

OceanWP theme is the only theme that offers all the necessary options for the user. Whether a new user or a seasoned developer, OceanWP is a favorite theme for everyone.

But its downside is that it is slower than Rishi or Astra themes. What we see in the case of the Rishi theme is that it loads very quickly without using any plugins.

But unfortunately, OceanWP theme speed is not good without the necessary plugins. OceanWP theme is slightly more expensive than the Rishi theme. But it is much cheaper than Astra due to more customization options. I am sure all three may be on your list of the best WordPress themes in 2023.

What Things To Consider Choosing The Best WordPress Theme in 2023

Now businesses are more competitive. So to get success in online competition you need a well-designed website. If you design your website in WordPress you must pay attention to choosing the best WordPress theme. Let’s see what should you consider.

  • SEO optimized theme
  • Speed optimized theme
  • Core web vital optimization
  • Scripts are modifiable or not
  • Lightweight

WordPress stands for themes and plugins. WordPress is pointless without a theme or template. Besides, there is no alternative to WordPress when you have to create a website easily.

So, to create a website in WordPress, you must use some theme. Since the themes are a must-use, why not choose the best WordPress theme?

All three themes mentioned above are the best WordPress themes I experienced. You may use both free and pro versions of these themes. Using free themes, you can check which is right for you.

I can suggest you use the Rishi theme for the general website. However, if you want to create an e-commerce website, it is recommended to use Astra.

Don’t forget to comment if you find this post helpful to you. Do you want to know which are the best WordPress themes for e-commerce? Comment if you want to know. Of course, I will get back soon with a new article on the best e-commerce WordPress theme.


Why Rishi Theme is The Best Theme?

Rishi theme is a 100% core web vital optimized WordPress theme. when you use it, your site speed will increase instantly. As a result, your ranking chance will be higher.

How OceanWP is Suitable For Blog?

OceanWP is one of the best WordPress themes on my list. It has many options to customize. You can customize everything in this theme. That’s why your site looks more attractive to users. The most popular editable options in this theme are custom menus, custom header & sidebar, and transparent header.