How To Start An E-commerce Business (2023)

E-Commerce Business Start Guideline is helpful for you If you are thinking of starting your one. But if you decide after seeing this title, then this post is not for you. Before starting, you must know, what is e-commerce business. How do online business systems work? How to start an online business? etc. 

Looking for shortcuts? No way. You may find many answers on how to start an e-commerce business but no shortcut way to the success of your business. Do you have patience? Are you afraid to take risks? Don’t want to do research? Can’t take the pressure off work? Can’t stand people’s abuse?

Then business is not for you, focus on something else and do something good. But please don’t start a business as a hobby. Before starting an e-commerce business, you need to know its ins and outs. Even after demotivating you are reading this?

Yes, you must. You have passed the first step. But there is nothing to be so happy about, you are still seeing the sea from a distance, and you have no idea about its depth.

Remember what Elon Musk said about business? “Starting a company is like eating glass and staring into the abyss” – Elon Musk. Indeed it is. It is as difficult as drinking a glass voluntarily. So nothing is impossible. Anything is possible if you work hard.

How to start e-commerce business?

First of all, make a plan to start an e-commerce business. Decide what to do first. If you want, you can use the list below. However, each type of work indeed varies according to the task.

Create a website

Creating a website is the first step in creating an e-commerce business. However, before creating a website, first time, you must select an e-commerce business name. Having a website is the key to success in every online business.

Those who have already started an online business should create a website as soon as possible. And those who have not yet started a business but are planning, first of all, make sure about the website. As a result, it will be very easy to succeed in this case.


Along with creating the website, the related app should also be created. Because it is not possible to increase the scope of business without it.

Design The Office

There is no need to spend a lot of money designing an office. But if you can’t arrange a large office the first time, make a small office.

Recruit Employees

Try to hire basic employees without wasting money. Hire only those employees in the beginning without whom it is quite impossible to run the office.

Find The Product

Stock a minimum of the product. Do research on the products you sell. Never build too much stock.


Make a budget for each step of growing your business. If you make a budget on how much money will be spent in each step, there will be an order in the work.


Be sure to hire a digital marketer. This must be done. Only a digital marketer can manage your business properly.

Web Development Guidelines

Web development is behind the rise in popularity and potential of e-commerce businesses. You need basic knowledge of web development before thinking about how to start an e-commerce business. This becomes a major problem for new entrepreneurs.

Mental Preparation

It is more important to be mentally prepared before doing business or anything else. Every step of the way there will be thousands of obstacles and you have to be ready to deal with them. It is more difficult when starting a new business. So ask yourself again and again, are you ready to open your e-commerce business?

What Problems Arise For New E-Commerce?

  • Choosing a domain name
  • Which company to buy a domain from?
  • Which hosting is good for e-commerce?
  • Which platform to create the website?
  • Working on the website
  • Website security

Setting up an e-commerce website and knowing its marketing strategies are very important in the e-commerce business. Before planning how to start e-commerce business, you must keep everything in mind if you create your e-commerce website according to the principles to get good sales.

In that case, Cog Team is always ready to help you. You may hire our team for high-quality e-commerce website design. Remote Cog offers you a high-quality and low-budget service.

Each skilled developer of the whole team will make your e-commerce website in such a way that once a customer enters the site, he cannot leave without making an order. Contact us directly for service.


Naming your e-commerce is very important. The name should be beautiful, simple, and unique so that people can remember it easily. While deciding the name, it must be seen whether the domain is blank or not, if it is not blank, then the unique name should be excluded.

I will explain why a domain name is important later. But the name should be consistent with your product, the shorter the better, and it will be useful for SEO later.

Legal Functions

Some legal issues are very important in the field of e-commerce business, for example, a trade license; a business validity certificate is a must. You will need it in different work areas. For your legal business identity, a trade license is a mandatory document.

When you decide to join any business network, you must have a valid trade license. When your e-commerce business will grow on a large scale, you also be under government trade regulatory authority.

Apart from this, in many other cases, all the documents including the trade license will be required to prove your business or prove its legitimacy.

Product Select

The success of Your e-commerce business largely depends on the right product definition. So select the product by thinking about the customer’s demand and availability of the products. Already there are many popular e-commerce companies around the globe.

That means the competition is very tough. So you have to start with something that makes the customer interested in buying your product. There are many product categories, select 1 from there, don’t mix several categories, and then you will lose the customer’s trust first.

Because if there is a mess, the customer will think that you have nothing special. So research well which products are in high demand but have very few suppliers.

E-Commerce Product Source

Based on the type of product you are selecting, you need to find the product source. For this, you need to pay more attention to the price of the product. So buy the product at a low cost & sell also low cost. If you want to keep up with so many e-commerce companies, you have to pay more attention to it.


Product delivery is one of the ways to win the customer’s heart. You have to ensure that the customer receives the product very quickly, intact, and beautifully packaged. If you fail in this, you will never get return customers, and the number of new customers will decrease day by day.

In this case, you have to see to it that the best service can be provided at the lowest cost. For this, you can take the help of an e-courier. Courier companies are available everywhere to deliver your product very fast. You may contact anyone.

They have many offers & packages. Choose your better one & tie it up with your e-commerce business. It has one very good advantage, which is order tracking. In this, the customer can know the real-time location of the product and can be sure.

But, select this e-courier carefully. If the e-courier cannot deliver the product on time, the customer will be disappointed. So you have to take service from those who provide good service.

Payment System

Decide how the customer will pay after buying your product. There are many online payment systems. In Bangladesh like BKash, Rocket, Banks, and many other payment methods are available. Among them, you have to select one so that the customer can make the payment very easily and securely.


After all, it’s time for marketing. If the customer doesn’t know about your business, how will the business work? Marketing should be done for that. It is called ‘promotion is expansion’. Marketing is one of the ways to sustain a business.

An excellent marketing policy helps to grow your business fast. And you have to do this marketing always. For that, you have to keep 35% – 45% of your total budget for marketing only. Marketing should be done in two ways. 1. Online, 2. Offline.

There are two types of marketing. Since e-commerce business has more emphasis on online marketing. Therefore, offline marketing should not be excluded. Offline marketing should also be done.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing is the most powerful strategy for e-commerce businesses. In the first case, your website will work even if you don’t have one. But social media is a must. There are many social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many more.

However, in the context of Bangladesh, Facebook, and YouTube are used by most people. So you must have a Facebook page and YouTube channel. Make a page in your e-commerce name and post product images nicely on the page.

Make short videos and post them on pages and YouTube channels. You can boost your page to reach your target area, age group of customers, and male or female customers (based on your product).

For this, you need to design a beautiful banner. Good content should be written, and research should be done with the targeted audience. Besides business, it becomes very difficult to work with these things, so you can do your other tasks beautifully by giving these responsibilities to a good service provider.

Facebook Advertising Service

Now it’s time for Google Rank. But for this, a website must exist. If someone searches for a product in Google search, make sure that Google shows your website first in the search results.

So you need to optimize your website for search engines. It’s definitely not your job. So, you need the help of any SEO expert or SEO service provider. And if you want you can also take our search engine optimization service.


At the beginning of the business when you have very few customers you can do everything alone. But gradually as the number of customers increases, your work will also increase a lot. And then don’t go to do all the work alone.

Build a good team. You can go a hundred times faster with a team than you can go alone. For this, find trusted team members and train them to be your comrades.

This was the beginning of e-commerce. Remember this is just the initial preparation. And that’s not all, it’s just a beginning step. Then you have to learn a lot more.

You have to learn and know many more things from according to your business experience, market condition & as per your competitor’s activities. And all of these can never be learned by reading a book or taking a course somewhere.

These depend on your business experience. If you can survive the fight with patience then you will learn them already.

In the case of an e-commerce business, it is absolutely foolish to think that after two days after opening the website, you will start receiving orders.

So give it time. And remote cogs are there to provide any service to your online business. From us, you can build your first e-commerce website within your budget. Or contact us to discuss your project.

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