Eye-Catching Business Card Boosts Your Brand in 2023

An eye-catching business card is the most powerful marketing material in 2023. An esthetic business card can take your business to the next level. Wondering how this is possible. I can guarantee you that an eye-catching business card can change the look of your business if your arrangement stops midway.

By now you must be very curious, are ‍business cards really important marketing material in business? I will say of course. So let’s see step by step how a business card can take your brand to the top level.

Have you ever been to a real estate fair? Each stall of the fair has different real estate projects, models, and various publications. Among all publications, business cards are notable.

As soon as any visitor appears in front of the stall, the people at the stall hand you a brochure and business card.

At the end of the fair, you will notice lots of business cards and brochures lying on the floor, in front of the venue.

In reality, the designs and offers in printed items that appeal to people are attractive, people keep to themselves. Now you surely understand how important an eye-catching business card is.

You certainly don’t want to spend money printing business cards and handing them out to people and then throwing them away.

What is Business Card?

A business card is a card that contains the business information of a company or individual. It contains your name, contact info, business logo & services.

It solves the business communication purpose. An eye-catching business card acts as a marketing tool.

In this modern age, a business card is too much important for multi-purposes. Sometimes it helps you as like as the most powerful marketing tool.

eye-catching business card
Business Card Sample

During the last COVID-19, pandemic almost 7 million businesses card were sold every year. Vistaprint, America’s largest design & printing solution company disclose the statistics.

So, the business card is the card that helps expand our business. Business communication starts through the card.

How Does an Eye-Catching Business Card Boost Your Brand?

Do you know how a business card leads to business growth? A business card can boost your business in many ways. You can’t believe the professionals don’t have much time to see all about you first.

A savvy businessman places a high value on business cards. That’s because the business card of a good organization carries its identity. So they can get ideas about your business from an eye-catching business card.

Busy people pay attention if you have a business card before they look at anything else. So the primary and easiest way to attract customers is an aesthetic business card.

Let’s talk about how a business card can help you promote your business and grow very quickly.

First Impression

Someone you’ve never met certainly doesn’t know anything about your business. Usually, we exchange greetings and sometimes even shake hands when we meet new people. Then you often hand over a business card as well.

Your first meeting someone with a card also means identifying your business to him/her. That means the card is used to recognize you and your business together for the first time.

If the new acquaintance has an interest, he must pay more attention to your business card. A mind-blowing business card may turn him/her into your client.

Let People Know All About Your Business

Maybe someone knows about you. Maybe you work in “XYZ” company or do “XYZ” business. But how does your potential customer know about your business?

But with a business card, anyone can know a lot about you instantly. They will know about your services and products recorded on the card. Someone will also know your email or contact number to contact you if needed.

So your business card must be informative. You should know how to design eye-catching business cards. If you do this then you can approach your customer easily.

Brand Promotion

We often have to run campaigns to promote our business. This requires important and expensive marketing accessories like flyers or brochures.

A business card is also one such accessory but it’s completely different from others. It is easy to print and carry out. The most important business information can be printed on a card.

Due to its small size, customers also store it for a long time. Accessories like flyers or brochures mostly go to dustbins. Compared to that, people store business cards with great care.

So eye-catching business cards are most important in business promotion. It helps you to promote your product or services to your targeted customers.

5 Benefits of Business Cards

  1. Easy Distribution
    We know business cards are easy to carry. So, there is no difficulty in distributing them anywhere.
  2. Small in Size
    A business card is not as big as other advertising materials. So you can keep it in your pocket if you want.
  3. Never Expire
    If you are holding an event, you need to keep a lot of promotional materials. Flyers, brochures, or posters expire after the event. But a business card is a material that has no time limit of expiry. Its value is always the same.
  4. Industry friendly
    Each industry has different types of campaigns. Posters are very important in some businesses and flyers in others. Business cards are a marketing material that is important in all businesses. However, certain businesses are more important. They are:
    • Real estate
    • Hospital/Clinic
    • Electrician
    • Plumber
    • Restaurant
    • Home delivery services
    • Rent a car
  5. Events and Exhibitions
    There is no substitute for eye-catching business cards at events and exhibitions. Business cards are gladly accepted by visitors during the event. Interestingly, after the event, these visitors turn into a customer.

Business cards are very important in business. If you are a new trader or entrepreneur then this post is for you. Hope your idea about the business card is clear.

If you have any more questions about this, you can comment. Do you have any business? But want to know more about business? Put your query in the comment section. I must reply to you.

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

Why need a business card?

If you have a business, you must need a business card. An eye-catching business card boosts your sales & conversion. That’s why you need a business card.
Sometimes a business card plays the role of your marketing executive. In your absence, it helps to generate sales.

Are eye-catching business cards worth it?

100% guarantee that an eye-catching business card is worth it for your business. Daily millions of business cards are handed over. Maximum cards are gone to the dustbin. Most cards can’t attract customers so these are just useless.
If you aim to succeed in your business you must make your business card attractive, informative & eye-catching. Because only eye-catching business cards survive in the market.

How much do business cards cost?

Business cards cost is not fixed. It depends on multiple things. The cost of the business card is also different in the base of region, country, size, style, design, element & quantity.
The cost of business cards is calculated according to per thousand copies. The approximate cost is for 1k cards $5-$50.

How long does it take to print a business card?

Printing business card also depends on the printer’s schedule. Printing time is not too much. It may take 2-3 hours. But if you design a stylish card then it may take more time to process. It depends on your printer’s condition.

Which is the best software to design business cards?

The best software to design business cards is Adobe Illustrator. You also can create your design in Adobe InDesign, Quark Express, Photoshop, etc.

What is the size of the business card?

The size of a business card is different in different countries. But the most popular sizes are:
2″ x 3.5″,
2″ x 2″,
2.17″ x 3.35″,
3.5″ x 4″ folded to 2” x 3.5”,
1.75″ x 3.5″