What Kind of Business Can Be Done In The Village?

If you live in a village and are wondering what kind of business to do in a village, then this article will be useful for you. Through today’s article, you will know about some village business ideas.

We think that there are very few business opportunities in villages, but there are many types of businesses in villages that can generate a lot of income.

Many people are doing many businesses in many cities, which means in cities businesses are highly competitive. That’s why it becomes difficult to get business success.

However, most of the village people think of working in the cities instead of doing business. And as a result, there is very little competition from small businesses to big businesses in villages, and hence the chances of success are quick.

So, if you are also wondering what business can be done in the village, then you can certainly know the business ideas of the village given below.

Current Profitable Village Business Ideas

Nowadays almost everyone living in the village hopes for a good and happy life for himself. Like the people in the city, the people in the village also want to improve themselves with time.

However, if the village people do small businesses or medium for this, they can get a better future for themselves.

A job can earn only a limited amount of money, but from a small business, you may earn much more money than that job.

And as a result, you will be able to take advantage of all the happiness and benefits from your village and you will not be short of money.

Maybe you too are thinking of starting a business in the village which is why you are reading this article. I will try to give you some very profitable and great business ideas.

Seed and Fertilizer Store

If you are living in a village then definitely seed and fertilizer shop can prove to be a profitable business for you. At present, agriculture is carried on in the village on a large scale.

And so if you start stocking good quality seeds and fertilizers in your store, farmers must buy from your store. In this, you can help the farmers of your village and make money shortly.


There are many different types of farmers in the village, many of whom have means of transport such as tractors, through which they transport their crops from the village to the city for sale.

However, many farmers do not have their own tractors or other means of transport.

In this case, the farmers face a lot of problems in transporting their produce from the village to the city.

So, you can also see this as a great business opportunity if you want. You can help farmers sell or rent their tractors or other vehicles and earn money.

Not only farmers, but various villages face a lot of problems in terms of transportation. So, you can also earn a lot of money by bringing other people from the village to the city.

Medical store

Medical stores are very important in any city or village. Different types of diseases require different types of medicines.

And the village people have already had a problem that they don’t get all kinds of medicine in their village.

So, if you have the necessary qualifications to start a medical store then you can do this business.

Medical stores have the potential to make huge profits, but starting this business requires a lot of money.

Business as a contractor

A lot of people are making a lot of money today doing business as contractors employing laborers from villages to cities. So, you too can earn a lot of money as a commission by doing this business.

You have to make a list of good laborers in your village and get them to work in the city. Now, there are thousands of construction jobs in the city where you have to make them work.

Thus, workers can earn more money working in cities than in villages and you can earn hefty commissions by employing them as contractors from within.

Mobile Repairing Shop

Mobile repair business today has proved to be a highly profitable business in any city or village. Anyone can earn money by learning the work of mobile repair in just 2 months.

You just need to take a small shop and keep all the necessary materials in the shop. Today almost every person in the village has a mobile phone.

So, you can earn money by helping them so that they don’t have a problem when their mobile goes bad.

Apart from mobile repairing, you can keep and sell mobile accessories such as headphones, chargers, data cables, etc. in your shop.

Banana farming business

It is possible to make money by farming in the village. Rice, dal, flour, and sugarcane are more traditional agricultural activities.

However, if you can see a little above them, then you can do banana farming. Banana farming can be seen as a very profitable business.

You can make a profit of about 3 lacks from the banana crop grown on about 1.5 acres of land. You can make about 300-500 BDT from each plant.

So, about 1200 banana seedlings can be planted in 1.5 bigha land resulting average in an income of 250×1200 = BDT 3,00,000/-.

Water supply business

The business of supplying clean water to villages can give you huge profits. This is not a new business, because many people are earning millions of Taka by supplying water from place to place.

Just as water is essential for our body, it is very much needed in agriculture or agribusiness.

Many times the farmers are doing good farming but only due to poor irrigation or lack of water the entire fruits, vegetables, grains, etc. are completely wasted.

Therefore, especially in rural areas water requirement and use is high mainly for agricultural purposes. That is why the village water supply business gives you a lot of profit.

Tea shop

We Bengalis love to have morning and afternoon tea and singhara or samacha with it. Especially in the village, people still enjoy tea-singara in the afternoon.

So, if you are looking to start a profitable business in your village with very little investment, then you open a shop with tea-singhara, kachori, pop-corn, etc.

If people choose the tea and other food you make, they will come back to you again and again.

Although this business looks very small and simple, great income is possible from it. However, you need to give your shop in a good and crowded place.

Book shop

A lot of people still love to read books, be it a village or city. However, in villages, there are not so many good bookshops where different books are available. Hence, many people come from villages to cities to buy books.

So, if you have started your bookstall with a large number of collections, then surely the profit will be abundant.

However, the most important thing about this business is that you need to start the business knowing which subject books are most preferred by the people in your village.

Fast food shop

Anywhere, village or city, people love to eat different types of fast food. Besides, the margins in the fast food business are very high, which means that profit can be made on every item in this business.

So, you can start this business with a small shop in a crowded place. You can start the business with just one or two food items in the beginning if you want.

For example, only momo and chaomin can be made and sold. If people like the food you make, people will come back to you again and again.

So, I hope you liked the above village business ideas (Village business ideas in Bengali).
This is what I always try to do so that I can provide you with complete working information. If you like this article on village business ideas, then please share the article. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, please comment below.

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