Why Does Itching Occur? What is The Ultimate Solution?

Skin problems are common among people of all ages, often triggered by various weather conditions.

Unclean skin and living in densely populated areas can lead to a range of skin diseases. One common issue faced by many during the summer is scabies, a bothersome condition.

Underneath our skin, we have sweat glands that can cause itchy skin when the sebaceous gland openings become blocked.

This typically manifests as a rash, sometimes accompanied by red spots. These itchy scratches can be quite uncomfortable and even cause a burning sensation.

What Causes This Itchiness?

The primary culprit is sweat. When sweat accumulates in our bodies, it creates an environment conducive to itching.

During summer, it’s not just sweat that accumulates in our pores. Dust and dirt also mix with sweat, fostering the growth of germs that cause these small rashes.

As dirt clogs our hair follicles, the openings of our sweat glands get blocked. Consequently, intense itching ensues when we sweat or spend time in damp environments, occasionally leading to a burning sensation.

The good news is that scabies can be easily relieved without requiring any special medication. By adopting some precautions and following a disciplined approach, you can find relief.

Let’s explore a few natural remedies:

Multani Clay Pack

For quick healing, apply a cold pack to the affected area. One natural method is to use a Multani clay pack.

Mix three spoons of rose water with one spoon of Multani clay to create a perfect paste. Apply this paste on the itchy area and leave it for a while before rinsing it off with water.

Using the Multani clay pack once a day can provide relief, even for severe itching.


One of the easiest ways to alleviate itchiness is by using ice. Rubbing ice on the affected parts of your body can provide instant relief. To protect your skin, it’s best to wrap the ice in a thin cotton cloth rather than rubbing it directly.

Ginger and Water

Ginger has potent antibacterial properties, making it highly beneficial for scabies. Prepare a ginger and water solution by boiling chopped ginger in water.

Once the mixture cools, apply it to the affected area using a soft cloth. Allow the cloth to dry, and you’ll notice the itching subsiding quickly.

Neem Leaf Paste

Bacteria play a significant role in scabies, and neem leaves can effectively counter their effects. To create a neem leaf paste, wash and dry 10-12 neem leaves, then grind them with water. Apply this paste to the scratched area, and you’ll experience quick relief from the itching.

Aloe Vera

Aloevera is renowned for its numerous benefits in treating various skin issues, including itchiness.

Applying a generous amount of aloe vera gel on the affected area and rinsing it off with clean water after it dries can effectively alleviate scabies symptoms.

If used consistently for a few days, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the infection.

Watermelon Paste

Apart from being a delicious fruit, watermelon also aids in relieving itching. Prepare a paste by removing the seeds from some watermelon slices and blending them.

Apply this watermelon paste to the affected area, and within a week, the itching will vanish.

These tips should prove helpful in relieving your discomfort. It’s important to note that hormonal changes during adolescence can make teenagers and young girls more susceptible to scabies.

Additionally, individuals engaged in strenuous physical work and those prone to excessive sweating are also at higher risk.

While any of the mentioned methods can provide relief, it’s advisable to consult a doctor if you have a severe condition or if the symptoms persist.


When Do We Feel Itchiness Too Much?

Definitely, in Summer, we feel very hot. At that time itchiness has occurred on our skin.

What Medicine Is Necessary For Itching?

Actually, no medicine is required for itching. It’s a very common problem. We just need to keep our skin cold.

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