ChatGPT & Our Future, What is Happening?

A new computer app has been buzzing in the IT world recently. Right now, there is a lot of talk, discussion, and criticism going on around the world. Debate is happening, alarming messages are coming. Search engine Google, the best software in the world of information is also under threat.

Google is going crazy. The authorities of the best colleges and universities around the world are scratching their heads, about what measures will be taken regarding this technology product.

The new app has multiplied the worries of professionals whose jobs have been disrupted due to technology. Because it can take away the mouth of many professionals.

This new computer app is called Chat GPT. Chat GPT is not known to all till now. But no one with the least knowledge of information technology is left to know. ChatGPT is a chatbot. a robot. Like Google.

We often see more such chatbots on social media or online. It works with artificial growth. Many things can be done. If you ask it to write an article on a topic, it will write it quickly, in one paragraph. Even poetry. You just print it.

Those who write blogs on their website every day are welcome. Tell Chat GP to write a blog about your topic, he will write you a blog within minutes. It doesn’t look like a machine wrote it. Do you understand the meaning?

Chat GPT plays the role of alternate teacher. An accountant will also do the work done in the office. Copyright for various sites on a computer that Young will do his work chatGPT.

A student will do homework. Why are you saying give? Millions of students around the world have already started doing homework with it. But its journey just started in November last year. Many people are using it in our country too.

Chat GPT is actually an Artificial Intelligence-AI tool. It developed OpenAI, the state-of-the-art AI model of language processing. Chat GPT conveys all kinds of information so perfectly and logically that one is amazed. Its full name is Generative Pretrained Transformer.

It can be called a modern neural network-based machine learning model or (NMS). This software not only gives you real-time search like Google; Rather, it also answers the questions you ask in very clear and specific terms.

This software is therefore very fast gaining its place among people all over the world. Chat GPT crossed 1 million users less than a week after launching told the company CEO Sam Altman. In the last three months, the number of users has reached beyond Koti’s house.

According to a Twitter account called WorldStatistics, it took three and a half years for an entertainment monopoly like Netflix to reach 1 million subscribers. Whereas Twitter took two years and Facebook took 10 months.

The developer of this software is Open-AI, an artificial intelligence research company founded in 2015 by Elon Musk and Sam Altman. But later Elon Musk left this company.

The new search tool Chat GPT has become the cause of headaches for the search engine Google. Google, the world’s largest search engine, is practically worried about the success of Chat GPT. The reason is understandable.

Almost 80 percent of the total income of the parent company of the Google search engine comes from Google. Google is the world’s largest machine-learning tool. On this day, his real rival Seyana appeared on the field.

Chat GPT’s incredible popularity has naturally caught the attention of tech giant Google. They are now committed to developing alternatives to Chat GPT. They have already invested billions of dollars in this work.

Chat GPT contains the Internet’s text database. This chat GPT is rich in data from various sources including internet web pages, web texts, books, Wikipedia, and articles. There is an incredibly vast corpus of 300 billion words. It is also able to predict what should be the next word in a sentence.

Chat GPT contains the Internet’s text database. This chat GPT is rich in data from various sources including internet web pages, web texts, books, Wikipedia, and articles. There is an incredibly vast corpus of 300 billion words. It is also able to predict what should be the next word in a sentence.

The work of teaching children with the help of this app has also started in different parts of the world. Lately, students are also writing their homework using Chat GPT. It can be helpful in many ways for students to do their school homework.

If a student wants to write an article on the role of the Allied forces in World War II and asks Chat GPT a question about it, Chat GPT will respond immediately. When asking a question, he will also present the relevant information needed to answer that question.

The student can understand the subject well. Again, a student can complete his homework perfectly without reading books or studying. And these chats are making GPT much faster and easier than Google. This is why chat GPT has created both excitement and anxiety among people at the same time.

In other words, if he gets used to it, the ability of the student to study and think on his own and write the answer will disappear. According to experts, this will have a serious adverse effect on the mental development of students. Many experts warn that children’s sense of logic will decrease if they use this app.

They will lose the ability to think for themselves. There will be terrible damage to the child’s mind as well as the human race. That is why academicians from all over the world are now meeting periodically. What action can be taken?

Educators in many countries around the world have recommended banning chat GPT for students.

Schools and colleges are trying to ban it. Several universities in France have already banned it. Many educational institutions in America have taken similar measures.

A famous university in France has not only banned but has taken strict disciplinary measures. Students using the software could be expelled from the university, they said and even denied any higher education opportunities in France.

A section of experts is considering the highly developed chat GPT app, which has ace technology like Google, as a threat to human civilization. And that is why schools and colleges are banning it one after another.

However, Chat GPT cannot answer all questions accurately. It also has considerable limitations. It cannot answer any recent events or topics. Because the database provided in its system does not have these issues.

But every moment work is going on to enrich its database. If a question is answered incorrectly, its workforce inputs the correct answer to the question into the system. Thus, the knowledge base of Chat GPT continues to grow. Later he can answer any question more quickly and accurately.

So no doubt it will become more perfect and reliable in future. But right now it is as efficient as it is causing many people to lose sleep. Tech experts say millions of people could lose their jobs.

The US Business Insider magazine spoke to experts on the matter and conducted further research. Based on that research, they listed 10 occupations that may be at risk due to chat GPT.

These include technology-based jobs, media, the legal profession, market research analysis, teaching, financial sector jobs, capital market work, graphic design, accounting, customer service, etc.

The demand for people in these professions will decrease as Chat GPT can perform the tasks of these professions faster and more accurately than humans by using artificial intelligence technology. As a result, many people will struggle with the job. Meanwhile, several news organizations in the world are using AI technology for content writing.

However, they have the manpower to verify and edit the text of the instrument. Machine work has the impression of mechanics. Human individuality, fluency and spontaneity, and the brilliance of intellect can be expected in technology that technology has not yet reached.

However, our observation is that since the journey of science and technology started, the development of technology has not stopped at any stage. It may have been temporarily blocked, but technology won out in the end. I don’t see the need to debate whether science and technology are a blessing or a curse for mankind.

But we have reason to doubt how much benefit banning chat GPT will bring to students. We think it will be the task of the world’s experts to try to create a universal guideline on how to use this technology so that everyone can benefit from it. As has been done in the case of social media Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Last week, journalist Kazi Jawad from London made a post on Facebook. In it, he regretted not liking a translation job with Chat GPT. He felt that the machine would probably never be able to touch the intellect and mind of man. We still deeply believe, thinking or dreaming is not a machine, it is a purely human prerogative.

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